Low production video shaped for each social platform


Put video at the heart of your paid social campaigns without expensive shoots or production.


Video is THE format to master for paid social success, so obviously it's the backbone of our BELT Method approach. We don't do professional shoots expensive post production because rather than putting all our eggs in one basket with some polished TV style piece, we edit existing footage, found footage, testimonials shot on mobile, webinar recordings etc to create a range of videos aligned to our creative strategy. This gives us diversity we can test and iterate on the winners, and as luck would have it, an experience viewers find more authentic.


Reduce your customer acquisition cost by up to 80% with the BELT Method.

The 4 steps to transition a person from stranger to buyer with paid social.


Aligning your message and objectives for your audience at the right time.



Help the audience believe they have a need that your business can potentially fulfill.



Help the audience to evaluate why your offer is best positioned to give them the solution they need.



Lead the audience to your solution or offer them something of value in exchange for their information.



Help the audience to do business with you through offers and retargeting.

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